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July 18, 2006 / allyo


Don’t you hate it when a job prospect falls into your lap out of the blue and so you meet for coffee and it goes well and they call right when they say they’re going to and you go to the office for another interview and they ask you for references and writing samples and say they’ll get back with you in a few days and then more than a week goes by without a word and your references haven’t been called and you find yourself wondering if maybe something very bad happened to the person who intereviewed you and oh god is that terrible but otherwise why would they just not call?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve not been writing much here lately and that’s because every time I think about posting, it’s on a topic that i’ve absolutely done to death. So, unless I say otherwise, you can assume that:

  • MD and I are struggling, although we do have our good days.
  • We’re broke. To the point that I’m trying to find a 2nd job.
  • My job/work situation is not happy at the moment and while there’s a chance things might work out I’m once again looking at my resume and sending out feelers into the corporate sector.
  • I have days where I’m depressed and everything looks hopeless and they usually follow days that are happy and satisfying and overall I feel like an ungrateful bitch with multiple personalities.
  • I love my kid and he’s wonderful.

Also, today I’m off and instead of enjoying it the a/c isn’t working so I’m at panera hiding out with the laptop waiting for the repair guy to call.

See, wouldn’t you rather have pictures?



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  1. Kelly / Jul 19 2006 7:00 am

    I have an old window unit in the basement you can use to tide you over. We’re home today. I’lls end you the number.

  2. momzom / Jul 19 2006 1:52 pm

    You are not an ungrateful bitch. You are a person who is sometimes in incredibly difficult situations who wants them to get better and tries really really hard to either get improvements or find ways to accept the difficulty. Nothing ungrateful about that. You aren’t complacent. You aren’t a doormat. If you didn’t have higher expectations, nothing would get better, and from reading your blog, it looks like things do get better, (although there is some backsliding) and your general life arc is upwards.

    I don’t mean to scold, but you just seem like such a lovely person who is trying so hard. You clearly love your adorable son and dogs, and you love your difficult husband, and are really doing the best with some super-challenging family members. Say the Serenity Prayer 10000 times a day if it helps you, but you don’t need to call yourself mean names because you are doing a great job for your family.

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