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July 14, 2006 / allyo

Favorite Things Pattern: Cute Skirts

I really enjoyed sewing the Cute Skirts pattern from Favorite Things. There only 3 pieces to the pattern – very simple. Although I realized a little more than halfway through the cutting it might have been easier to make at least one other skirt panel piece, but I’ll do that next time.

The pieces are the panel, of which there are 8, and the front and back waistbands. I was a little nervous about the waistbands, it was my first time actually sewing a waistband on, rather than turning it over and inserting elastic. But the instructions were so simple and clear and well-illustrated that it went quickly and easily. I also actually enjoyed hand-sewing the final part of the waistbands, another big surprise. I bought this book a few weeks ago and it had a few options on how to blind-stitch a hem. A great resource that I highly recommend.

The skirt hem was another thing I wasn’t sure about. Wild Man doesn’t care if his pj leg hems are a bit uneven, but I didn’t want my skirt hem to be all wacky-looking. But I’ve found that when I’m pressing the hem as long as I’m careful to measure the first few presses, if I just continue to fold over and go with the flow it turns out well.

Overall, easy, easy, pattern, great results. I’ve got another one in mind already.


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