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July 11, 2006 / allyo

Bargain basement fabrics

The current project list is moving slowly. Very slowly. Painfully slowly. Last week was a bad, bad sewing week. I think everything I touched turned out wrong. I am working on a skirt right now that I think will be done tonight, so yay!

I’ve been stocking up on fabric from a variety of sources, and below is some I got at J0Anne a couple of weekends ago. Almost all of it was clearance fabric that was an additional 60% off. I paid about $1.40 a yard for most of it. Some non-clearance fabric that was also on sale was all of $3.00 a yard. I love paying $3 for a skirt!


This is all skirt fabric, for me. It feels a little decadent, to be making four whole skirts! But again, the most expensive was the orange (isn’t that gorgeous? i’ve been drooling over it for some time) at $3/yd. Right now I’m making this skirt with the pink, since it’s my least favorite and I figured if I screwed up no big loss.


This is for a bag. The floral for the outer part and yellow and white polka dot for the lining. It’s shamefully wrinkled, but washed and just waiting to be cut and ironed. I’m off on Monday and Tuesday next week and I’m starting off with this bag. I also am seeing why they are so popular to make, because I’m already realizing I “need” at least two more for various purposes!


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