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July 5, 2006 / allyo


I spent a good amount of time yesterday trying to figure out how to make buttonholes. My machine has pretty clear instructions and it seems easy, but I think there’s something wrong with the button hole lever/arm thingy. I can’t get the machine to make the cross bar, and the arm isn’t doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. You’re supposed to be able to pull it towards you “as far as it will go,” and it does that, but then it swings back.

The pajama pants I am working on require buttonholes for the drawstring, and I was steaming mad yesterday because I have a few things getting backed up and I want to move on. I was moaning about having to do them by hand, then realized I could do the body of the button hole on the machine and just do the cross bars by hand. That should be simple enough, right?


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