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June 29, 2006 / allyo

A new obsession

It started simply- the desire to make pajama pants for my kid, Wild Man. I had bought some nice lightweight footed pajamas to get us through spring, summer and fall, but after a whole month of wearing them happily, WM decided he hated one-piece pjs, especially ones with feet. We’re seriously pinching pennies around here, so the idea of spending yet more money on such a mundane item was irritating the heck out of me. And then…I decided to borrow my sister’s sewing machine, because how hard could it be to make toddler pajama pants? It began with a single pattern and 3 yards (way too much, of course) of $2 polka-dotted flannel from J0Ann. Suddenly I have a small stack of patterns, a basket full of fabric, and a million and one new favorite websites and blogs. My ideas and energy are limited to a certain extent by my lack of free time and money, but as I found out this morning, you can squeeze ten minutes of sewing in between putting on makeup and getting dressed. Yes, obsessed.


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  1. I do it! « one foot in

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