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May 30, 2006 / allyo

The morning after and other stuff

I almost deleted last night’s post, but I’m going to leave it. We talked briefly this morning, and apparently, I make MD feel completely inadequate and useless, like, all the time.

This scares me a little, because I try incredibly hard NOT to make him feel that way, and I’m not sure what to do about this. I’ve been hemming and hawing about going back to marriage counseling, and I think it’s obvious it has to be done this time. For all our sakes.

I’m home with Jamie today, the hand foot and mouth came back while we were in Nashville this weekend and I’m keeping him out of dc for as long as possible. Although I have to be at work tomorrow, so as long as possible is just one extra day. His fever is gone – broke last night – but he’s still got the rash on his feet. It’s been fun hanging out at home, especially today now that he’s feeling better. The rash must have cleared up in his mouth yesterday afternoon because after three days of barely eating, he chowed at dinner last night. So I took us out for ice cream as a treat, and to get out of the house for a half hour. Yummy, this local place has the best flavor every – salty caramel! Yum yum, Jamie loved it too!

Now, I am going to go downstairs and try something I’ve never done before – sewing a pair of pj bottoms for Jamie. I cut the fabric this morning and I haven’t screwed it up yet, so I’m feeling hopeful.



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  1. Kelly / May 30 2006 2:00 pm

    OMG — Salty Caramel is my FAVORITE.

    great. Now that is all i can think of.

  2. Sherry / May 30 2006 11:02 pm

    I’m sorry things aren’t looking up at the moment. If only I had some magical advice to help keep things going. But, alas, I do not. Just keep talking, and we’ll listen as best we can.

    Glad the boy is feeling better. Hope it all starts looking up soon.

  3. karrie / May 31 2006 6:46 am

    Salty caramel sounds really good! I’ve never seen it around here. A friend tipped me off that Ben & Jerry’s is offering baklava icecream in scoop shops, so now I need that too.

    I hear you with regard to the marriage issues. I hear the variation often, which is “Don’t you trust me with him?” or “You’re so hard on me.” (which, maybe I am. Ugh. )

  4. KatS / May 31 2006 9:43 pm

    Oi. J always tells me the same thing. Sad part is, it finally clicked and I realize I am very critical of her. Amazing how I treat the person I am most supposed to lift-up and support.

    I am sorry you are having these troubles. The sad part about society? the media? is that they don’t portray how much work a relationship really is. We see the “Happily Ever After” ending and that’s how easy we want it to be. It is A LOT of work (at least my relationship is), but I think most of the time it is worth it in the end. I hope that’s true for you. I’m very sorry about the rough parts just now.

  5. Susan / Jun 4 2006 1:56 am

    My little one, Quincy, had HFM about 3 weeks ago. Worst thing I have ever gotten through with him–104.5 degree temp and all. I’m so glad you’re about through with it. Ours never came back, but they told me that the virus (coxsackie (prob. not spelled right)) is contagious for 2 to 3 weeks after the intial outbreak. That’s how Quincy got it. He ate after me a week and a half after I had it. Ugh.

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