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May 29, 2006 / allyo

Potty mouth

We were in Nashville visiting my brother-in-law and family this weekend and my SIL was telling me about their daughter’s classmate, Cooper. Apparently, it’s a difficult name for 24-month-olds to pronounce, so the poor kid currently goes by "Pooper." Which is too funny, and has also provided us with a new code phrase for, ahem, a "Cooper situation." No, not Jamie’s, that we just refer to as a big ole stink butt. I mean the adult version. And we have a lot of such situations around here it seems. How sad is it when poop is more of an issue for the adults than it is for the baby? Kid doesn’t stand a chance. Every time I worry about what comes out of his bottom I stop and remind myself just who created him and congratulate him for being closer to normal than his parents.


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