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May 18, 2006 / allyo

It’s worth it

About ten years ago this past March, I moved in with MD. It’s a really long story, but very bad things had happened with my living situation, and while I had sworn I would never again live with a boyfriend, I was kind of stuck, and decided to take the plunge. We had spent some time apart, he had actually broken up with me about six months prior to the cohabitation, but we were well on our way to getting back together and it seemed like the next step.

That winter, MD’s brother had a coworker who had taken in a pregnant stray. MD had been jonesing for a dog for awhile, and had recently started renting a condo with another couple that had a fenced in back yard. He decided this was the opportunity he had been waiting for, and so he brought a tiny Cory home at barely 8 weeks old. When I moved in, I had just been laid off and was looking for a new job. I think I was unemployed for about 5 weeks, and unless I was out doing job interviews, Cory and I were constant companions. He was like a newborn baby. I carried him over my shoulder and he would snuggle into my neck. I took him into the bathroom with me when I showered. And late at night, while MD was out working as a bouncer, I listened to him cry in his crate, until we finally gave in and let him sleep in bed with us.

When MD was out, Cory would sleep on my pillow, his little, but growing, body wrapped around my head. If he wasn’t crated when we were gone, he would chew up my sandals. I went to Italy that summer for two weeks, and in response, he ate the bed linens. While he was in his crate. He pulled them into the crate, and almost suffocated himself. Our roomate had to grab him by the shoulders in order to pry him free.

Another time, MD came home to find laying on the bed, a big hole in the electric blanket, surrounded by the wires he had pulled out, one at a time, with his teeth.

When we moved to our apartment, we figured we’d keep him in the basement, since that’s where our bedroom had been in the condo. He chewed through the basement door. We moved him to our bedroom and put him in a crate. He bent the top wires of the crate inward, and chewed a hole in the wall. We got rid of the crate, he destroyed some of my autographed books. Finally, I started getting up at 5:30 every morning and taking him for a long, brisk walk. It did wonders for my waistline, and finally, the destruction stopped.

Many, many times, when MD and I were at our worst, I would start to pack my suitcase, until I looked at Cory, at his big brown eyes and his worried expression. I stayed for that dog more than once, as crazy as it sounds, and MD knows it. For years, he was always at my side when I was alone in the house. When I found out I was pregnant, we realized why he had once again started sleeping in bed with us, his head on the pillow next to mine.

We made him a promise, that cold day in January when MD brought him home, tucked into his jacket. And no matter how destructive he is, how many hundreds of dollars of cloth diapers he eats, or how many times he pees (or poops-yay, new development!) in the house, we’re going to keep that promise. And it’s a good thing too, because as much as I love that dog, before I moved in with MD, there were many nights when Cory was the reason MD came home. As much as I love him, MD loves him even more, and I think he’d get rid of me before he got rid of Cory.



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  1. MoMo / May 18 2006 4:39 pm

    Reading this made me so sad for our little dogs who have become, well, less like family since our son’s arrival. I swore I would never be one of those people who forgets about their animals when they have kids, but then they started barking during nap time and pooping in the house…and I just felt too low on energy to give them the time and love they needed! It’s so horrible. I do love them, but it doesn’t feel the same anymore. Luckily, they have a grandma who loves them just the same!

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