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May 12, 2006 / allyo

A few more thoughts about weaning

This is partly my body’s decision. When my period came back full force at the beginning of this year, I started experience a pretty severe drop in supply at that time of the month. Which makes Jamie want to bf nonstop at the point in the month when bfing at all makes me want to crawl out of my skin. We both end up very frustrated.

Bfing isn’t as big of a pareting tool as it once was. When Jamie hurts himself these days, he wants a hug and a snuggle, he doesn’t want to nurse. When he’s tantruming, he doesn’t want to be touched and refuses to nurse.

I could nurse at bedtime indefinitely, if it didn’t make it so difficult for other people to put him to bed. I’ve been away at bedtime…not very often. I need to be away a little more these days because of work stuff, and I’m also tired of nursing turning into a battle at bedtime. It doesn’t always, but often enough.

Sigh. It’s depressing. I have one thing left to do before I completely throw in the towel and that’s to check out the LLL group here in town that’s focused on exteded bfing. But I still think we’ll be weaning in a few months.



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  1. Moxie / May 13 2006 12:31 am

    If you take an extra calcium supplement right before and during your period the drop in supply won’t be as severe.

    When I was at this same point emotionally, I went to about 5 LLL meetings over the course of a month. It was like I needed to hear that I could keep going and also that it was OK to wean. Of course it was OK to wean! But of course it would have been OK to keep going! But I felt strange either way. I just ended up doing “don’t offer, don’t refuse” for months and months, and then finally just stopped the last nighttime feeding. And felt guilty and relieved at the same time.

    So, yeah. It’s a strange thing.

  2. Amanda / May 13 2006 4:59 pm

    I am ready to wean at one year because g2 will NOT. STOP. BITING.


    I feel your pain. Well, maybe not your pain but I definitely feel pain.

  3. karrie / May 16 2006 8:04 am

    In ordering back issues of a favorite magazine of mine, I noticed that the Winter 2004 issue might be helpful for you:

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