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May 8, 2006 / allyo

Shoving daddy out of the nest

We had friends in from out of town this weekend and it was a welcome break. Austina has two boys, one Jamie’s age, and the three of them have so much fun together. She and I were able to get a lot of alone time this visit, probably the most we have had since her older son L was born almost four years ago. The only catch was, since MD was with her husband and brother most of the weekend, I had Jamie for almost two solid days. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that, sing it with me, either his teeth or ears are giving him fits and he hasn’t slept well since last Thursday night.

I am so tired, and Jamie has been a total crank, and when MD wanted to go run some errands by himself yesterday afternoon, I just had to put my foot down. We’ve had issues in the past with me being bossy and controlling – part my own personality, part due to his refusal to act like an adult – and we are in a place now where 99% of the decisions, from the mundane (how errands are run, and when) to the complex (we’re broke, should we buy a smaller, cheaper house?), are made jointly. And rightfully so.

However, I had had enough. And MD has this strange aversion to taking Jamie out and about without me tagging along. I’m not sure why because he is an awesomely hands-on dad who enjoys spending time with his kid (we do not use the term," Daddy’s babysitting around here," I think he would be absolutely offended by it) and is pretty confident in his parenting skills. It may be a holdover from the days when Jamie was exclusively breastfed and it was infinitely easier for the actual boob to be present than it was for dad to worry about storing and transporting a bottle of expressed breastmilk and so alone time for me always meant MD and Jamie staying at home and me going out. To the grocery store alone, the mall, wherever, just alone. (Hey Amanda, I think you’re officially a mom when a solo trip to Kroger equals a mini vacation, don’t you?)

I think it’s also because MD tends to think things are much more complicated than they actually are until he does them himself, and it often takes several repetitions. I’ve talked about that before here, about how he always thought stopping at the park would be this huge ordeal until I just started doing it and he realized is was a really nice way for us to take a little break as a family.

So anyway, that’s my typically long-winded way of saying I insisted MD take the kid with him on his errands yesterday. And yes his leg was giving him fits and yes at a couple of stores he had to lug the stroller around (all 11 pounds of it, the horror!) but he did it and they were both in a great mood when they got home. So there.


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  1. Amanda / May 14 2006 9:19 am

    LOL! Definitely!

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