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April 14, 2006 / allyo

Please let this be the last

Sleep. What would you say if I told you I’ve had 4-5 hours of sleep, in a row, plus another 2-3, in a row, after that, for the past three nights? I wouldn’t be surprised if you shook your head sadly, and declared that the sleep deprivation had finally gotten the best of me and I am hallucinating, but I swear, it’s true!

At his 18 month checkup the ped checked his teeth and the molars were declared "in," so baby bootcamp began, again, that night. But let me back up a bit. The transition to the big boy bed went swimmingly. We had to fool around with the routine a bit, and settled on books – two, down from four – in the glider, than in the bed to nurse. Until a couple of weeks ago I could nurse him until drowsy, then either rock him or put him in the bed/crib. But he’s been a little, um, obsessive about nursing these days, and I’ve had some trouble getting him to stop nursing and to go to sleep. Other than that, the wakings decreased dramatically, like down from every 1-2 hours, to 2-3 times a night. At the first waking, some time between midnight and 2, I was taking him to bed but not nursing. Then at the next waking, about 2-3 hours later, I’d nurse him. Then there would be the restless period from around 4 – 6 am, where he might nurse every half hour, or wake up and have to be resettled. That’s what was killing me.

So Monday, we nursed for 10 minutes at bedtime and then I unlatched him and told him "night night, lay down and go to sleep." He was PISSED! I laid down next to him and pretended to sleep. He climbed on me, pulled my hair, tried to jump on me, the works. But he did got to sleep. Later that night I left him in his own bed for the first waking (1ish). He was pissed, and didn’t want to go back to sleep, but he did and without nursing. At the second waking (3ish) I brought him to bed but wouldn’t nurse. Pissed, but went to sleep. Woke at 4, nursed. Woke at 5, nursed. Then up for the day as usual around 7.

Tuesday, at the first waking…I nursed him, because it was after 5 am! Weds, it was 4, and last night, it was 4:30. We’re still dealing with that weird early morning thing though. Yesterday and today he woke at 6:15. Yesterday he didn’t go back to sleep, so this morning I nursed him in the rocker and got him back down at 6:30 and he slept until 7:45 when I had to wake him so we could get ready to go.

I feel, well, I still feel tired, but it’s the every day kind of busy tired. Not the desperate, raving, maniacal tired only a chronically sleep-deprived parent could know. And it feels great.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun. We still have the canines to come in this year yet, and our ped thinks they’ll bother him as much as the others, but the incredibly quick return to sleeping most of the night, in his own bed, has made me optimistic. So keep your fingers crossed for us, will you? I’d really like this to be the last time I post about sleep.


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