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April 13, 2006 / allyo

All about the boy

It’s amazing how easily the blogging groove is lost. I’ve been trying to start this for over a day and at this point I barely remember what I was going to write about.

Back when Jamie was a newborn, the idea of him being 18 months was as foreign to me as the thought of 30 is when you’re a teenager. Not that 30 feels natural even when you’re 35, but I digress. For some reason, it’s a kind of magic number to me. Halfway between 0 (newborn) and 3 (preschooler), with so much ability, and so much more to learn. It’s delightful, and annoying, and I’m enjoying (almost) every minute.

18-month stats- whoops, forgot height already, but it was 50th percentile, as usual. Weight, 25.5 lbs. Words – explosive. We added tree, flower, and a few others I can’t recall in the last week. “Outside” is a favorite- both the word and the concept, and I can already tell we’re going to have to be religious about cleaning up the dog poop in the back yard this summer. THAT will be an adjustment!

Our daycare provider is on vacation this week and next, so Jamie’s been farmed out to my aunt, D, and my friend A this week, and he’s handled musical-daycares with ease. He’s quite popular, that kid, with his dad’s easygoing nature and sense of humor.

Sleeping has taken a turn for the better, although after last night I’m knocking on wood. I took him in for an ear check last week because for about 10 days he had been squirrley off and on at night – crying in his sleep, waking up screaming, nursing obsessively. The cause was the last two molars making their final push. When we had our checkup on Monday, they were declared “in” so baby bootcamp began, again, that night. While waking had decreased dramatically after moving him to his bed – down from every 1-2 hours to 2x night – he’s been hanging on to those last two times for dear life and because of his teeth I’ve been indulging him. Now, we still have canines coming, but I decided to see if I could get rid of at least one waking. So far, so good. Tuesday he slept from 8:30 5, last night, 9-4. I think we’re getting there, at long last.

The second-baby itch has completely subsided, at least for now. We’re in such a good groove, and money issues aside, with MD’s schedule being what it is, I can’t imagine adding a newborn to the mix any time soon. Talk to me this time next year, maybe I’ll have changed my mind. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the kid I’ve got.


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