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April 11, 2006 / allyo

Catching up a bit

Goodness, where to start?

Not only did Cory destroy the dining room the other day, but now it appears that he may be incontinent. Maybe he can go hang out with grandma in the nursing home? But seriously, right before his annual checkup he started peeing in the house – maybe 2-3 times. They tested his urine but it was so dilute (he drinks GALLONS of water a day, if we let him) that they couldn’t tell anything so they put him on antibiotics just in case. Then they put him on really, really strong antibiotics for an, um, butt thing, so he’s been on antibiotics for the past month. No peeing. We figured, yay, it was a bladder infection, it’s all good. Until last night, when I was dashing around, getting Jamie ready for bed. I was in Jamie’s room, and walked out into the hallway to get something, and there was Cory, peeing. He had started on the stairs, peed all the way down, and was circling the dining room. Oh my freaking goodness.

The diet’s been going ok, although with everything going on in my life lately I haven’t been completely faithful. So I decided it was time to get off my bottom and start walking again. I can’t pull it together to walk in the morning before the kid gets up, so last Thursday and wrangled Jamie into his stroller and the dogs into their collars/leashes, and set off. It went much better than last time. (Although VPW’s dogs were outside and my pups came close to knocking the stroller AND me over lunging at them. A, uh, techincal glitch, really!) (And Cory kept trying to walk in front of the stroller, but after a few barked ((HA)) shins, I think he’s finally figured it out.) We have a new stroller that is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, and seems to be much less threatening to the dogs. By the second walk on Saturday we had most everything sorted out. My legs are sore and tired, but it feels great to get moving again. And for some reason, Jamie LOVES this stroller, and is really enjoying the walks.

That’s all for now. I have a lot to write about the boy, but have limited time/energy – hopefully tomorrow.


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  1. Carol / Apr 12 2006 9:37 am

    When I go walking with the baby, I also worry about loose dogs charging up to us (thank god it hasn’t happened)!

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