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March 13, 2006 / allyo

Weekend wrap-up – chaos reigns and a case of the crabs

Funny thing, in the comments of my previous posts, Whylime  asked me if I was sure Jamie wasn’t teething, because a lot of what I was describing sounded like, well, a teething baby. Turns out, I’m a big fat dumb-ass, and yes, he’s teething. Those damn molars. I swear this kid has peek-a-boo teeth. One will just start to break through and then Poof! It’s gone.

I’ve been giving him motrin at bedtime, "just in case," but not following up with a second dose when he wakes, hence the 4-6 am crab-fest. I finally figured this out Friday night, because I didn’t give him anything at bedtime and he woke at midnight and would not resettle. Not in his crib, not in bed with me where we finally ended up because I was just convinced that all he needed was a little TLC and snuggle time with mom. So after two hours of him falling asleep only to wake up 5 minutes later crying hysterically, it finally dawned on me that the teeth! They are hurting! So I dosed him post haste, and we slept the rest of the night. Now that I’ve gotten my head out of my ass, things are going very well. Up at 3, motrin, nurse, rock, pat, back in bed within 15-20 minutes. Sigh. Relief.


Now, for something besides sleep. Oh man, were we a bunch of crabby McCrabersons this weekend. Imagine – MD is on prednisone for his leg, which, if you’ve never taken the vile stuff count yourself as lucky because it comes with a host of nasty side-effects, including a big ole case of the crabs (no, not that kind you gutter-heads, geesh.) Me, I’m PMS-ing, and of course Jamie’s teeth are making him miserable. We either needed a referee or separate living quarters for the weekend.

Mini-crabman had his first full-blown tantrum on Saturday, brought on I’m sure by lack of sleep the night before plus waking up from his nap a full hour early because we’re stupid. Well, to give us some credit, he rarely needs treatment for teething during the day, but really. You’d have thought we would think to give the poor kid some motrin that morning, just to be safe. So, it was kind of funny and a little heartbreaking. He flipped out for a good 20 minutes, screaming and crying. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him. He rolled around on the floor, banged his head on the stairs (I sat on them after a couple of bangs), and finally collapsed into a little sobbing heap, wedged in between the wall, the bottom step, and my leg. Wow.

Let’s see, what else. Other than breakfast, he wouldn’t eat ANYTHING but macaroni and cheese and cookies. Not even fried rice, which he usually loves. Not yogurt. Not applesauce. Not even, gasp and boy are we screwed, frozen blueberries. Hopefully it’s just a side effect of the teeth, but if not, it’s time to puree and hide the veggies.

The weather was so frustrating. We had a little warm spell, but it was so wet and rainy we couldn’t really enjoy it. Jamie and I did take a little walk though. We went to the grocery store saturday afternoon and he did pretty well, but we were a little afraid of what was going to happen when we put him in the car seat and drove to the opposite end of the shopping center to Target, and then transferred him to another cart. He’s been doing so well with holding hands lately that I decided we’d walk down and it was fun. He was so thrilled to be out of the cart and trotted along side me like a big kid. It was another "duh" moment. He’s growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with what he can do these days.

With the warm weather this weekend, we opened all the windows and curtains and blinds, and I have to tell you, I’m not thrilled with what all that light and air revealed. With the dogs tracking mud in all over the place, and with half the rooms in our house partway through reorganization, dirt and chaos are currently reigning. I’ve accepted that with a small child in the house means a certain amount of disorder, but all this sleep we’re getting now means more of our energy can be put towards putting the house back in order. I grew up in an almost sterile environment, and I certainly don’t want that, but I also don’t want to wake up to a sink and counters piled with dirty dishes because we just couldn’t keep up over the weekend. There’s a happy medium and I know we can get there, one day at a time.


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  1. karrie / Mar 13 2006 4:11 pm

    LOL at the Mc Crabbersons and Crabby McCrab because I;ve uttered those exact same words wrt our household.

    Its a good excuse to buy some cute crab Robeez for spring though. At least I thought it was :).

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