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March 6, 2006 / allyo

That was fun, not.

Last night, in a nutshell:

The good
Jamie went down easily at 8, falling asleep in his crib within minutes. (I still have to stand there.) He woke up coughing* at 10, but laid down when I told him to and fell asleep quickly.

The bad
He woke at 2:30, and after an hour and a half, was still awake. I was dying, and asked MD to get up with him. When I went back to his room, he laid down and seemed to be falling alseep, for real this time. (Right) MD felt that he needed some water, because he has a cold** and his breathing sounded raspy. I guess the minute I left the room he flipped out. MD tried to rock him, but he was trying to launch himself off MD’s chest and he finally brought him to me, in bed.

The ugly
Me. For pushing too hard, and then unleashing all my pent up frustration on my husband, telling him he only made things worse and he never helps and I guess my life is just over I’ll never leave the house again and to just go away and leave me the hell alone.***

I’m going to hell.

*Oh, yes, coughing. He um, has a cold still. Good time to be nightweaning, eh?
**Yes, that pesky cold. I’m an idiot.
***How did he react to this? By getting up a half-hour early this morning and cooking enough food to get Jamie and I through most of the week. I. Am. Going. To. Hell.

Next steps
Focus on the good, be a better wife, and try the thing where you talk about how nighttime isn’t for nursing, it’s for sleeping for a few days and then remind him of that in the middle of the night. It can’t hurt, and we’ll revisit the hardcore nightweaning next weekend.

One last thing
I never want to type or say nightweaning again. Oh, and you? Yes you, in the peanut gallery? My kid isn’t spoiled. Get over it.



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  1. Moxie / Mar 6 2006 11:46 pm

    Argh. He made you food after all that? Then did you feel secretly angry at him for being a better person than you are? I totally would have, because I’m petty like that when I’m tired.

  2. MoMo / Mar 8 2006 11:06 am

    We have the same kid right now. Last night I spent 45 minutes getting my son to sleep and he woke up TWO minutes later, totally freaked out when my husband tried to get him back to sleep, continued to freak out when he brought him to me, and finally fell asleep a few hours later only to keep me awake all night by kicking me in the face.

  3. Mama C-ta / Mar 8 2006 3:33 pm

    Ugh, I feel for you. But you have many more months on me! I hope that the (shhh, NW)starts to go a little better and you can actually sleep straight through a night. Now there is a thought!

  4. Monica / Mar 21 2006 1:31 pm

    Ugh. This sounds so much like my life right now.

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