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March 5, 2006 / allyo

And then…

So, right after my last post (literally, 5 minutes after I hit "post"), the boy woke up. It took an hour of shusshing and patting and hoping and praying, but he went back to sleep, in his crib, without me nursing him or even picking him up. Then he woke up about 20 minutes later, and I got him back to sleep in about 10 minutes. Then he slept about three hours, until around 4, and again, it was 10-20 minutes, no nursing, no picking up. Then I lost track but he woke up a lot between 4-6 which doesn’t surprise me because he done the same thing lately when we’ve coslept.

Nap, MD had to do some rocking and shusshing and all that, but he went to sleep in his crib. Tonight, he stood up once after I left the room, but as I was walking back to the crib saying, "Nighty-night Jamie (our sleep phrase, ala Pantley), time to lay down," he was already headed back down to the mattress. He rolled over, whimpered, and an hour later, is still asleep (KNOCK ON WOOD).

I think Moxie may be right. I think by next weekend, I may be a very happy person. (Knock on wood, again, and again.)

It makes me a tiny bit sad, but my biggest fear was he’d not want to nurse at all. When we nightweaned a few months ago, we had about a week where he nursed 1-2 times a day.  For a brief time I thought maybe I’d pushed him to wean early and I was afraid of it happening for real this time. But fear not, he was especially clingy and nurse-y this weekend. The clinginess isn’t great, I’m sure it’s him dealing with the changes at night, after all, that’s when we get most of our touch time, but I’m glad he’s wanting to nurse. I am not ready to wean completely. Not yet. I still want to make it to 2 years, and after that, we’ll see.


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