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January 17, 2006 / allyo

You know what they say about rainy days and (almost) Mondays

I was off yesterday for MLK day, and after a somewhat stressful weekend with all three of us sick and getting sick of a) being cooped up and b) each other, Jamie and I had a really, really nice day. We hung out at D’s house with her kids and half the kids in the neighborhood, got some stuff done around the house and even ran some errands. As the day wound down I found myself caught in that same old sadness – Why do I have to leave my baby every day?! WHY!!?? I know that the life of a SAHM isn’t all coffee breaks and playdates. I’m lucky I get as much time with Jamie as I do. And wow, things here at work are getting very, very busy and quite interesting. But the tug of war never ends.

However, considering how much Jamie has been driving me crazy lately, I was kind of relieved to feel down about coming back to work today. Saturday I found myself arguing with my 15-month-old son about…something. I don’t remember. We were at the dinner table (MD was in the other room lying down, no appetite), and remember half-yelling, "I am covered from head to toe with YOUR snot, mister, so" blah blah blah, whatever it was. He was yelling back at me "nananananana!!!!" MD was cracking up. It was pretty funny, but more and more, I really have to remind myself to take a deep breath, count to ten, and distract the hell out of my screaming, flailing, kicking TODDLER.


Thanks for all the get-well wishes. We’re feeling better, but MD and I still have this nasty cough that won’t quit and isn’t really responding to medication anymore. We overslept this morning and I have a messy, minefield of a kitchen to come home to. I think it’s going to be pizza night and early to bed (for me). Jamie was so worn out from playing yesterday he took a THREE HOUR nap. It was wonderful, right up until 11:00 last night when he woke up, wide awake, and unable to go back to sleep for two freaking hours.

It’s a darn good thing he’s so cute.


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