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December 21, 2005 / allyo

I love you…but

Dear child of mine, I love you, but this sleep thing is getting old. I know you can sleep many, many hours in a row, so please, do it, ok? Mommy’s tired.

Dear husband of mine, I love you, but this chronic hip/knee/ankle thing is getting really, really old. You’ve been doing so well with losing weight, and then, the fast food siren, she calls, and you backslide. Please. Don’t. Do. That. Your child needs you to be able to pick him up and change his diaper. His mother REALLY needs you to do so.

Dear workplace of mine, I love you, you know that, but why in the name of all things holy do you insist on being open during the holidays? Other organizations close the week between Christmas and New Year’s and no one blinks an eye. And that one year? The one where, since we didn’t get raises because you were broke, and so instead you did, in fact, close the week between Christmas and New Years? NO ONE NOTICED! That’s because NOTHING happens this time of year! I still love you, what with the awesome Christmas party and the really, really incredible raise I’ll be getting in a few weeks. I just need a little break, is all.

And you, the world? With the Christmas hype and the non-stop carols and the insane-o traffic within 5 square miles of the fifty-million malls we have in this city? You’re getting on my nerves. This time of year is about celebration, family, friends and loved ones. Take your over commercialized, over-priced, over-hyped attitude and shove it.




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  1. Monica / Dec 21 2005 5:25 pm

    Amen to all of that! I’m also too tired for night waking, husband complaints, and work.

  2. Kelly / Dec 22 2005 8:27 am

    Oh Yes! The sleeping, the malls, the workplace that doesn’t close over the holidays.

    My New Years Wish — May The Molars come and along with them — heavenly sleep.


    PS Email me if you are interested in a COSI trip or some other playdate kind of outing on Dec. 26 or Jan2.

  3. Jody / Jan 4 2006 9:50 am

    I love this post. Except for the gentle reminder in there about how my physical limits might expand if I ditched the weight. But hey: gentle reminders. Not such a bad thing. (Much better than the nonstop ads for weight loss drugs — aka speed and a diuretic — I’m encountering whenever I turn on the TV.)

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