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December 1, 2005 / allyo

Save Ro…oh, yawn, never mind

I’ve been getting emails recently from groups like telling my why I should be upset about the Samuel Alito nomination, and what I can do to protest, or as in the email from Planned Parenthood today, how I can "Save Roe v. Wade."

The first I let linger in my inbox, along with my digests from Mother Jones, thinking I’ll get to them eventually. Now I’m just deleting them. Not because I’m not upset, or because I don’t want to protest or save Row v. Wade. No, because nothing I can do will make a difference. Nothing.

Either the Democrats will grow some balls and step up, or they won’t. And really, the man is qualified. Should his nomination be dismissed on ideological grounds?

In the end, I can dress it up any way I want, but really, I’m too tired to fight. We’re stuck with our moron-in-chief for three more years because a bunch of people, espcially those in my state, Ohio, bought his lies hook, line, and sinker. And a few months ago there was a story on NPR (damn liberal media!) on how, gee, surprise, surprise, Ohioans are still losing jobs. And yes, they were talking to actual surprised Ohioans.

Just. Too. Tired.


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