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November 28, 2005 / allyo

I got nothin’

But a really funny picture.


Jamie having fun at our local science musuem.

Oh, and I assumed that since Jamie was an early walker he’d be a late talker, but nope. We have several words now besides dada and mama. Dog, dude, ball, bye, hello/hi/hey. And Mad Dog has taught the boy to make a satisfied "ah" sound after drinking from his cup. The really funny thing is, he also makes it sometimes after nursing. Glad to know my milk is up to your standards little man.

Oh, and no new teeth yet, although I can feel his first-year molars and there’s been very little sleep at our house lately. Silly me, I thought surely, by the time he was a year old, I’d be sleeping again. HAHAHAHA!

We woke up to a dark, powerless house this morning. Apparently, a transformer blew up and caught fire. My hair, it looks lovely. Happy frickin’ Monday.


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  1. Mama C-ta / Dec 1 2005 2:11 pm

    That’s so funny he says “ah” after nursing!! That is hysterical!

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