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November 9, 2005 / allyo

Thanks to NPR, you really brought me down this morning

Now for a 180 degree change in mood from the previous, "charming anecdote about my offspring," post. I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning, and NPR was doing a story about this Supreme Court case. The prisoner in question spends his days in his cell, trapped in his wheelchair, often sitting in his own waste for days, or sleeping in his wheelchair for months, because the fucking state of Georgia can’t be bothered to install grab bars in his cell. He once went TWO YEARS without a shower. Let’s all contemplate that for a moment, shall we?*

This uplifting story was followed by Frank Deford, one of my favorite commenters on anything, ever. The fact that I am at best indifferent to sports at best should tell you how much I like this guy. "Ah!" I thought, "Frank will end the commute on a high note."

Uh, no. Frank decides that this is the morning to let us all know about former race horses who are slaughtered and sold as meat to other countries. And not only are they "put out to pasture" in the worst meaning of the phrase possible, apparently, the method of slaughter, the same stun gun used to slaughter cattle, isn’t as effective because of their long necks-

I turned the radio off. And contemplated becoming a vegetarian again. Really, Frank, how could you let me down like that?

*I want to note that the newscaster, with just a touch of incredulity in his voice, made note of the fact that, in this case, the Bush administration sides with the prisoner, and I thought, "Boy, you’re really fucked if Dubya’s telling you you’re treating your prisoners too harshly."


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