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November 7, 2005 / allyo

Monday, monday, lala

While Jamie won’t let me near his mouth so I’m not sure if the molars have broken through or what, miracle of miracles, we had an almost normal night last night. He woke up twice. I feel almost normal this morning. Relatively speaking.

Wild man now has a total of four words. Dada and mama of course, dude*, and yesterday, he pointed at Cory and announced, "dog!**" Our sitter swears he says bye-bye but I haven’t heard it yet.

Oh dear, what an uninspired post. I honestly had more to write about, but I’ve hit my pre-lunch lull and I’m afraid this is it until I eat and get my afternoon latte.

*The dude thing is pretty funny. Whenever Mad Dog is wrestling with Jamie, trying to change his diaper or get him dressed or whatever, he’ll say, "Dude! Settle down!" A couple of weeks ago Jamie said, "DU!" right back. It’s pretty funny to hear him walking around saying "DU!" in a total surfer voice.

**Other than dada, which isn’t the same, this was my first time witnessing a first word. It was pretty thrilling. But I’ve always thought this acquisition of language was one of the most amazing things ever. I remember walking around naming things with my little sister, and just being amazed at how we assign meaning to our surroundings.


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