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November 4, 2005 / allyo

When molars attack

Have I mentioned the torment that Jamie’s one-year molars have unleashed upon my poor boy? Five weeks of teething and counting, and last night was the worst yet. We did our usual bedtime routine, pjs, toothbrush, book, lights out, nurse, and after a little bit of I’m-so-wound-up-it-can’t-be-bedtime-it’s-time-to-try-and-kick-mommy-in-the-face wrestling, he drifted off peacefully. My usual practice is to wait until he’s almost asleep and unlatch him. Sometimes he’ll protest for about 30 seconds and then conk out. Last night he would NOT unlatch. After several tries, I hoisted him up to my shoulder to make it clear that the boob would not be forthcoming. He tried to latch onto my face!

So, as it was 8:30 and a half-hour past bedtime, and I was so exhausted I could barely stay awake, we crashed together in the big bed. Get this though – the minute we laid down, he decided it was party time again! Uh, no little devil, uh, sweetie pie, back to sleep!

So, while my sleep was fairly fragmented, I do feel a little better today. And it’s been months since I’ve gone to sleep with him like that and really, I kind of miss it. Usually he’s rolling around all over the place but last night he snuggled up to me all night. If I tried to move away a little he would wimper and reach out for me. Oh, poor baby. I hope those mean molars break through soon. I’m not holding my breath though.


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