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October 19, 2005 / allyo

Random thoughts

  • Is it retro if it’s been in your closet for ten years? Or are you just stingy and outdated?
  • Why are the drivers in my downtown hell-bent on mowing down pedestrians? Someone died last month and it’s gotten worse. What gives?
  • Why won’t my son eat breakfast? Is it his molars coming in (GOD HELP US), or is he determined to break me once and for all?
  • See above re: sleeping.
  • And speaking of sleeping, what’s it like to get 8 hours in a row? I can’t remember.
  • Oh, and speaking some more of sleeping, how wide will my ass get before I’m able to get enough sleep to contemplate a) giving up sugar and b) exercising again?

I’d better put a limit on how many times I can come back and add to the list. I’m so tired today the only thoughts in my empty little head are random ones.


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  1. Monica / Oct 20 2005 4:46 pm

    Let me know if you discover the answer to the wide ass question – it seems I need to figure that one out too.

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