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September 8, 2005 / allyo

More on Katrina

Every day I read and watch stories about this tragedy and every day I think, "That’s it, I can’t know any more, the facts are just too horrifying." But every day I go back. And there is so much to say, discuss, and digest, that I am probably not going to do a lot of posting about it because quite frankly, I don’t know where to start. But I do want to share some information.

First, as always, Cecily has taken the topic head-on. And be sure to read her comments, that’s where I get much of my information.

Miss Alli of TWoP says everything I want to say, even before I knew I wanted to say it.

Not only was the response inadequate, many of the people that did show up were either incompetent or just plain mean.

There is no way either the hurricane itself or it’s aftermath was a surprise to anyone with half a brain and eyes open.

And finally, Wal-Mart shows more compassion, foresight, and flexibility than just about anyone else involved.


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