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September 5, 2005 / allyo

Awake and not happy about it

Hi insomnia, it’s been awhile.

Yep, it’s me, 11 pm again. Wide awake again. This time it’s also because I’m dreading going to work tomorrow. I found out on friday that I didn’t get that job and dammit, I’m so sick of my current one. Not to mention I don’t make enough money and we’re broke.

But really, right now I’m caring less about the broke part and more about the part where I’m totally over my job. And we have an early meeting tomorrow so I have to get there an hour earlier than usual which means the double iced latte I had today at 4 in the afternoon was a REALLY bad idea, but what else can you do when your 11 month old is being a pain in the ass and your husband is at work?

Jamie’s been a holy terror the last few days and we’re not really sure why. It could be teeth, but he’s not really responding to motrin or tylenol. So it’s either really, really scary teeth – uber teeth that laugh in the face of pain killers – or he’s possessed. He’ll be standing there, playing, happy as a clam, and just burst into angry tears. And believe me when I tell you, you don’t want to be the object of this kid’s wrath.


It’s official. The universe is getting back at me. My baby son is channeling the ghost of my adolescent self. He’s like a pissed-off, pimply, PMS-ing 13-year-old girl. Whose favorite thing to do is scream at her mother. And then attack her breasts, demanding to nurse.

Yes, we’ve been having a lot of fun, don’t you wish you were here?


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