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August 30, 2005 / allyo


I am done with the pump! It’s 3:45, I just hand-expressed some milk into the bathroom sink and I’m perfectly comfortable. The deep freeze is full of milk, and I just talked to a nurse at the pediatrician’s office who, since we’re nursing several times a day still, gave me the go ahead to start sending less milk to daycare and having them make up the difference with soy milk. (Jamie’s not tolerating dairy yet.) He’s only drinking 6 oz. as it is, and most of my milk is stored in 4-3 oz. packages, so we’ll drop down to 4 oz. to begin with.

I brought the pump today thinking I’d need it, so just this one more time to lug it back and forth. I’ll probably bring the Isis with me on Monday just in case I’m engorged (I was miserable by noon yesterday, due to being with the baby for 9 days straight).

Oh man, sweet, sweet freedom!


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