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July 25, 2005 / allyo

9 months- leaps and bounds

Well, kiddo. Here’s a lesson for ya, your mom is a procrastinator. You turned 9 months two weeks ago, so this post is not only late, but my memory of your 9th month is already fading. Sorry. Love ya!

In your 9th month you learned how to pick up your own food and put it in your mouth. You decided you hated bananas, and you’re currently on an applesauce strike. You can only eat a few foods to begin with, so you might want to think twice about refusing to eat something that’s been a tried and true standby since you were 7 months old. That we tend to buy in bulk. Just sayin’.

Oh, and true to form, you took a couple of steps on your 9 month-birthday. One step, twice, actually. And you haven’t done it since. But you’re starting to perfect your ability to stand without holding onto something, allowing you to showcase you’re favorite new skill. Clapping your hands! And of course we respond by clapping our hands and praising you, "YAY, Jamie!"

So cute. So dictatorial.

Here you are, either trying to a) give me a big fat smooch, or b) bite my nose off. Honestly, I’m not sure which. As always little bear, it’s a pleasure. Love you, Mom.



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  1. Monica / Jul 26 2005 9:41 am

    He’s so cute!

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