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April 28, 2005 / allyo

Enough already

So I don’t think I mentioned the $1,000 repair our air conditioner needs. We found out about it last week and it’s already to be included in the big Ally-Dad bailout. We figured we’d get it fixed next week when it gets a little warmer. This week temperatures dropped enough that the heater has been on instead.

Maybe you can see where this is going. Last night Mad Dog gets home and finds a note on the door from the gas company saying they inspected our property, found evidence of a leak, turned our gas off, and WON’T TURN IT BACK ON until WE pay to have it fixed.

MD gets on the phone with the gas assholes, gets a list of plumbers and starts calling. This is at 6 pm or thereabouts. One of the companies is able to get someone out within an hour. They give us an estimate of $950 but say there’s not point in them charging us even more to do an emergency repair that night because it’s non-heating season and the gas asswipes don’t consider turning the gas back on a priority. Apparently non-heating season starts April 15th. So the day our taxes were officially late was also the day where getting your gas back on in a timely fashion became not just a tiny hope in hell but a pipe dream. Hel-lo gas fuckwads. Where we live, it snows in April at least every few years.

Anyway. V. nice plumbers came out first thing this morning and by noon or so had the leak fixed. And they only had to dig two 2×3′ holes in our yard to do so!

MD immediately called the gas jack-offs. They said they’d turn the gas on by Monday. Uh, no. Then they said tomorrow. MD begged and it’ll be on sometime before 11:30 tonight. I’ll believe it when I see it, but hopefully I’ll get to take a shower tomorrow morning.

All I can say is it’s a good thing Weds. is the one night a week MD gets home before me. Because if I had arrived home with a cranky baby and found that note? Our evening routine is a finely balanced dance that goes something like this. Get baby and breast milk inside. Let Maggie out of her crate. Let the dogs outside. Put breast milk in fridge. Let dogs in. Try and convince baby to play happily in play pen or high chair while dogs are fed and mom changes clothes. If baby is insistent on eating right-freaking-now, feed dogs while holding baby. Feed baby still dressed in work clothes. Change baby, put on baby’s pj’s. Try and convince dogs they don’t need to go outside again. Play with increasingly cranky baby. Kick dogs out of bedroom. Nurse baby to sleep. See how my after-work schedule is pretty full already?

Oh, even with MD home last night, somehow the putting-the-breast-milk-in-the-fridge part of the routine got overlooked. So this morning I got to throw out 15 ounces of my hard earned liquid gold. The fun never stops at casa Ally.


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  1. whylime / Apr 30 2005 2:14 pm

    so sorry about the liquid gold. That SUCKS. Not only is it tragic in a lost milk sense, but it’s also tragic in an hours lost sense. I feel for you. And to have that on top of everything else. Hang in there!

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