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March 18, 2005 / allyo

Those moments that sustain us

Last night I was watching The Notebook when Mad Dog came home. He was quickly engrossed and we were talking about what would we do in a similar situation – if one of us had to go to a nursing home or long-term care facility would the other come too? We promised we’d never leave each other to the mercies of doctors and hospitals and that we’d be there for each other every step of the way. The Boy woke up for one of his frequent evening snacks and as the three of us were on the couch MD and I had one of those moments. The kind when the entire world telescopes and everything worth having is right there in your living room. In hushed tones we said all those things you say about your child, how beautiful and perfect he is. How his light, his spark, is so bright you wonder how the two of you managed to create something so precious. It’s amazing how our bond as a couple is strengthened by our role as parents and I think at that moment my love for my husband was even stronger than it was on our wedding day.

Of course this was followed up by one of those mornings when you’d cheerfully throw your spouse in a river (on both sides I’m sure). The wheel never stops turning, you know?


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