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March 2, 2005 / allyo

Beware of falling objects

Last week my friend D and I were off for President’s Day so we got together with our kids. She has a 3-year-old girl L, and a 17-month-old boy, M. We went to storytime at the library and to my aunt’s bookstore, then walked to a local fast food joint for lunch. D and her kids and I sat at the table, the Boy in his stroller and other than M fingerpainting his clothes with his ketchup, the meal was peaceful. Then L couldn’t reach her drink, got up on her knees, lost her balance, hit the tray and fell over backwards, tray and food flying in the air. D got her calmed down, I picked up the mess as well I could and D went up to the counter to get more nuggets and fries.

I glanced over at the Boy who was getting a big kick out of looking out the big windows, noticed some spit-up on his shirt, leaned back to grab a burp cloth out of the stroller and just kept on going. My brain: “No, this can’t be happening, STOP!” My body: “Ha ha, sure it is.” I landed flat on my back, still in my chair, legs sticking straight up in the air. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t begin to right myself. D looks over to see what the ruckus is all about, and instead of coming over to help me, laughs helplessly. Fortunately for me, a woman sitting at a table behind me calmly walks over, untangles my legs, and pushes me and the chair back to our proper positions. She did everything but pat me on the head.

D finally makes her way back to the table, apologizes for laughing so hard then promptly busts out again. We kept glancing at each other and laughing throughout the rest of the again peaceful meal. And people think babies are a nuisance in restaurants.


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