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February 10, 2005 / allyo

Four month mini newsletter

Hey baby Boy. You are four months old today! This month, you learned how to make mommy laugh. You’ve learned two new “tricks.” The first you learned from your daddy, how to make a zerbert noise with your mouth and tongue. One morning you were laying on your changing table and daddy and I were standing there talking to you. Daddy did the pbbt thing with his tongue, and you did it back. Daddy jumped up and down, he was so excited. The second trick is the one that makes me laugh. You take your tongue and “pop” it against your upper lip. You started doing this about a week ago, and when mommy laughed, you looked at her, got this look on your face like, hey, I made her do that!, and you did it again. You are my funny, sunny baby and I love you to pieces.

Your big milestone this month was learning how to grab something and stick it in your mouth. You’re not always successful and sometimes you conk yourself in the head, but you’re getting better every day. 


I fear for the dogs once you master this skill now that you have your walker to sit in. Their lives are about to change forever.


You’re not sleeping so great these days, but that’s ok, we’ll work through it. I love you pumpkin.




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