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January 28, 2005 / allyo


The ick factor of parenting has not really bothered me much. My grandma who raised me was a nurse, so bodily functions of all types were handled in a matter-of-fact manner in our house. My friend AH swore to me before the Boy was born that spit-up between the boobs was the worst feeling EVER, but it’s never made me stop in my tracks. This morning however…this morning changed everything. I had been nursing the Boy (in my robe, I don’t put my clothes on until it’s time to walk out the door), he was taking a break and MD and I were talking. Boy was sitting on my lap, facing me and of course I wasn’t really paying attention, when he spit up. In my lap. You know, my LAP. The part that’s spelled c-o-o-t-c-h-i-e. I handed the Boy off to MD – who was laughing hysterically of course – so I could, er, mop my rug so to speak. EW!


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