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January 25, 2005 / allyo

The Face

That usually accompanies the growl:


Imagine that coming at your boobs, will you?

Last night I introduced the Boy to this toy (a hand-me-down from my awesome friend D). The moment he saw it he got a look of unholy glee on his face, lunged, grabbed, and tried to stuff one of the round joint parts into his mouth. He missed by a mile and conked himself in the ear instead. Undeterred, he tried to cram his hand in his mouth, but it was inside the toy so all he got for his trouble was one of the bars wedged against his upper lip. I replaced his hand on a bar and he finally was able to get the ball part in his mouth. As he attacked it, he made a half giggle half growl that was both hilarious and terrifying. The whole experience was like wrestling with a small, furry animal. Too bad MD wasn’t home to videotape it!


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