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December 27, 2004 / allyo

Brrr…Or how to survive Christmas with no heat

In short? Run home to daddy. Last Wednesday we were hit with a snow/ice/freezing rain storm. My office closed early and the Boy and I snugged in for the night and waited for MD to get home. TB had his first breakfast at around 4:30 am Thursday, and after putting him back down to sleep I checked the status of the storm. We were hovering between level 3 (don’t drive) and a level 2 (drive only if necessary) snow emergencies, and MD and I decided whatever my office decided to do, I was staying home. So I called in and got back into our nice cozy bed. We had about a half hour to snooze and contemplate the wonderful day we’d have, (MD was off already), cleaning, cooking, getting the house ready for Christmas, and just spending some time together, before the power went out. Shit.

Long story short, we had no power until Christmas night. We hightailed it for my parents’ house, sans dogs the first night. The dogs joined us on Christmas Eve. My parents’ dog who really thinks he’s more a person than dog was a bit put out, but after a few snappy, snarly exchanges, things went pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, we lost all the fish, but miraculously, the turtle and the two snakes survived. Yay! We were both pretty stressed and unhappy the whole time worrying about our small menagerie. We’ve had the turtle for about 7 years, and while the snakes are more MD’s than mine, I would have hated to loose them. Not that I don’t like snakes, because I do, but when our two king snakes that I loved dearly died suddenly and unexpectedly a few days apart some years back, I decided to not get so attached in the future.

Wow, bad, bad grammar in that last sentence. I’m still a little scattered today, and called off sick (cough, cough), to try and get things organized around here. It takes a lot of crap to move two adults, a baby and two dogs, even for a few days. Plus Christmas presents, etc. AND, we are STILL hosting MD’s family’s Christmas next weekend. Yikes.

Boy is at the sitter’s. I was talking to a friend earlier, and realized I had one ear open, listening for the baby. This is the first time I’ve been home alone since TB was born. It’s very weird, but I figured it was the only way to get things done. And, with that, I should go and actually get started on getting things done.

But first, the view from our front window Thursday morning:


Our street:



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