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December 20, 2004 / allyo

It’s Monday Alright

I mentioned the ½ mile walk between the parking garage and my office.  Most days it’s a fairly pleasant opportunity to get some fresh air and gear up/wind down.  Other days it’s not.  This morning it was 2 degrees (!) outside, and I had my purse and my breast pump hanging off me, and I was carrying a tote bag filled with my lunch and our Christmas cards that still need to be signed. 

Yes, it’s five days before Christmas and our cards aren’t out.  Our tree isn’t up.  Mad Dog and I still need to buy each other’s gifts, an undertaking so complex it involves getting a babysitter.  Fortunately my sister is more than willing to play aunty, even during the busiest week of the year.  Now we just have to figure out when we’ll have time to open our gifts.  We usually sneak our own Christmas in sometime between going to bed Christmas eve – after hosting MD’s family (15+) for dinner – and getting up Christmas morning – right before leaving for the marathon stint at my dad’s house, beginning with opening presents, moving on to Christmas brunch and ending with Christmas dinner with about 20 people.  Now that we have a baby, the scheduling process is even more delicate.  I think we may have our Christmas Thursday evening.  Right after we get that tree up.


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