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December 17, 2004 / allyo

Multi-tasking Mommy

Before The Boy* was born I made a commitment to breastfeeding. To give him his props, Mad Dog made a commitment to support this decision and I don’t know that I would have made it through those first awful weeks without him. So twice a week I lug a Medela Pump in Style breast pump the half-mile between the parking garage and my office and pump three times a day. While recently I’ve discovered some wonderful gizmos to make double-pumping hands-free – a “pumping bra” and even better, a holster-thingy made out of elastic straps (hmmm…could get kinky) – currently pumping still occupies both hands. I usually end up propping one container up against my keyboard tray and holding the other against my arm so I can browse my favorite websites while I pump. The trick is to do all this without a) breaking the suction, which means you might spill breastmilk all over your lap, or b) twisting your nipples into pretzels, which…ow. This morning I managed to pump, check my email and buy a shower gift for Julie over at See Tertia’s site ( for details. 

Yes, I know I can make direct links – somehow – but I’m in a rush. We leave at one today for our office Christmas party. I’m going to pick The Boy up from daycare so he can partake in the festivities. He’ll partake in a dirty martini some time this later this evening as I enjoy my first hard liquor since giving birth. Yum!

*Another nickname. Spoken with great importance, as in The. Boy. The one and only!


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